Friday, February 8, 2013

Metabolism Sucks!

Ok, today I gripe!

Why oh why weren't we all blessed with metabolisms that just work. Why cant we all just eat a 2litre ice cream or a box of creamy doughnuts and just remain gorgeous and good looking with a flat tummy and a tight bum?

Yes today I am hating the constant watching what I eat and the constant exercises that I never seem to be getting better at.

This is what I eat every day - looks yummy doesn't it? To a farm animal it must be so delicious, but I am quickly getting sick to death of vegetables and chick pea's (good source of lean protein I'm told).

Yummy raw carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and dozens of chick pea's

Then every evening I run, not unlike 'Forest Gump' on my trusty home treadmill. I run and run and run and yes I have noticed the odd tightening of the calve muscles and perhaps a slight firming of the bum (someone told me so, I DO NOT make it a habit to look at my ass in the mirror) but every night I feel like I'm about to die! On the plus side I do sleep like the proverbial log yet the bags under my eyes have got bags of their own now! Oh and in case your wondering, yes I am a tad fixated by my ass, it is after all my best feature, its the one I hardly ever get to see but its not bad as far as these things go!

I also use weights a couple of times a week yet have seen no really significant change. Anyway this is not a blog about my exercise or diet regime but rather a cry, neigh a scream as to why all men were not created equal. I had a friend who could eat an entire chocolate cake, wash it down with a case of beer and then still snack on a dozen chicken wings without so much as picking up 1 gram and he could outrun, outplay and outlast everyone else I knew. Needless to say, after years of self loathing I got rid of him!

Ok so that's my cry at the universe, I can work out, eat like a rabbit and yes I will lose a kilo here or there but I usually pick it up again the next week (in case any of you were just dying to know that). So my question is:

WHY IS IT SO DARN HARD to look good and be healthy????? Its a constant fight for survival. But I wont give up (queue Rocky music) I will live to fight another day! When someone comes up with a scientific way to transfer metabolism from one individual to the next I will gladly give my bit to make him the richest person alive!

Yours in portly bliss