Thursday, April 11, 2013

Travel Thanks

It is almost 5 months to go until my tour of Italy begins but it feels like I have been waiting a lifetime for this to actually happen.

So with 5 months to go, this blog is dedicated, with thanks, to those who have helped me realise this dream with selfless acts of constant assistance to this travel virgin.

I have always dreamt of visiting Italy since I read the book by master storyteller Pat Conroy called 'Beach Music'. This man could describe a scene in Italy, where the book takes place, in such vivid detail I could almost feel the cobble stones of the Piazza in Rome under my feet. It has inspired me for years and made me dream of visiting Italy and for that I will be eternally grateful. While I was unable to make the trip previously, just by re-reading the book I felt like I was there already, thanks Mr Conroy, you are an inspiration.

Then I have to thank Sure Travel for their advice, patience in dealing with by barrage of emails and for always being professional, understanding and willing to assist with a smile. Thanks especially goes to Anthea Kaufmann, travel agent extraordinaire, who must be the sweetest most patience woman in the world, and I haven't even met her! What an absolute treasure she is, you've got a client for life!

Contact them for all your travel needs:, follow them on twitter @SureTravel - you wont regret it or contact them via email at They are complete stars!

Then I have to pay special homage to another travel company that was instrumental with advice just off the bat without batting an eyelid. Travelstart gives good advice, period. I have been so bothersome with obtaining advice and information from them and not once have they not responded in seconds. They are a wealth of information and are always, always willing to assist and help and offer advice. All I can say is thanks guys for your absolute dedication, great easy to understand explanations and your Social media platform is absolutely one of the best in the business! 

Check out their website at , follow them on twitter @Travelstart

Without these two companies I would never have made this dream a reality. Since this will be my first overseas trip I was perhaps a tad of a nuisance (understatement hey guys!) and maybe a bit nervous, but these two companies are true professionals and will help you with anything and everything. I'm sure you will both still be hearing a lot from me in the next 5 months!

Please follow them on Twitter as they really have invaluable information, specials and everything travel, you wont regret it!

Then I've also got to thank Trafalgar tours for making it affordable for the average person to see the world. They have so many tours to choose from and are accessible from any country in the world on tours ranging from Europe, Asia, South America all in a professional manner. Queries are handled quickly and so far I am thrilled to be using their services. I look forward to the tour in September and I'm sure after a fantastic experience I will continue to use them afterwards.

Their website is , follow them on twitter @Trafalgarsa and @TrafalgarTalk for all your group tours.

Thanks to everyone. I couldn't have done this without any of you. I'm happy to say that the tour is booked, flights are booked, its now just the little things like Visa's, insurance and of course lots and lots of spending money!

So everyone that reads this blog, I hope that you will give these guys a try because they are the best of the best in the South African travel industry. And to all my foreign readers, Come to South Africa! Contact these companies and they will surely give you the best deals with the best service ever! Oh an your Dollars, Pounds and Euros are worth a  fortune here, just saying! Come see our beautiful country, I'm on my way to see yours!

Take care every one and one last time I bow down to Sure Travel, Travelstart and Trafalgar Tours, hope we are now life long friends.

Oh by the way I will add links to this website/blog for easy access to these brilliant travel companies.

Take care all,