Monday, November 5, 2012

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

So today I made a startling discovery.

While walking in the city centre of Johannesburg in search of a leg stretch, fresh air and a much needed break from the office I came across the 'Edgars Shoe Gallery'. A brand new concept store just for shoes and I think (although I may be under correction) that its the first of its kind in South Africa.

Major Brands are represented such as Polo, Aldo, Converse and that's just for the men. Its in Kerk Street in the Johannesburg CBD and quite a find. Until the 15th of November you can save R100 if you spend R400 or more. That's extremely easy to do, believe me!

Dozens of brands of shoes - if shoes is your thing get to the new "Edgars Shoe Gallery" now!

Should I buy a few pairs I will post pictures of them here. I'm now stuck in that moment when you simply dont know which to buy and at this stage I absolutely cannot buy them all. There's definately one pair of Polo sneakers that has my name on it.

Guys (and Girls) let me know what you want to read more about. Fashion is my thing but I can talk about anything you want. Let me know. I'll put a poll up and in that way you can let me know what your thing is.



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