Thursday, January 17, 2013

Discover Johannesburg

Tourists are hearing about South Africa more and more these days but mostly they hear how beautiful Cape Town is or how hot Durban is or how wild our bush camps are but I think very little people think about Johannesburg as a tourist destination.

Better known to locals as the shorter version of Jo'burg or as the slang word of Jozi, Johannesburg has a lot to offer and I am making it my mission this year to discover the city that I have worked in for almost 20 years and that I truly call home.

Recently I came across, quite by accident I may mention, some really great websites about Johannesburg and was horrified to know that I didn't know about some of these places even though I work a few blocks aways from them!

One such great website is:

There you can discover such interesting things such as information on Exhibitions in the city centre, Art works that give the old buildings a bit of glamour as well as where to go what to do and where to eat. There are such interesting articles to read and a way to "Discover Gold in the city of Johannesburg" ( 

The next website is

This website is unique in that it offers walking tours of the Johannesburg area. Their tag line is after all "Unique Johannesburg Inner City and Soweto Tours and Events and Archaeological Tours" (courtesy of their website). Check them out for what can only be a fun day out.

A very wise women once said to me " we seem to take our vibrant Jozi for granted....go for it, babe, be a tourist in your own city!" and that's just what I plan to do this year. So thanks for that gem Mrs U.C.

So, for any of you who live in this great city that never sleeps, go out there and discover why Johannesburg can be right up there with the best cities in the world and why we should encourage tourists not to just land at OR Tambo airport as a doorway to another South African destination but to linger a little in Jozi and have some real fun!

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