Saturday, October 27, 2012

Now for some fashion, accessories etc,

I recently went on quite the shopping trip and yes I have my favourite stores which I will happily share here.

First up is a new find:

A store called Kingsley Heath. You can check out their website at

They stock both clothing for men and women mostly casual such as jeans (amazing jeans) and casual shirts and shorts etc. The store themselves is the bomb let me tell you. It really begs you to sit there and blast your budget with soft bulky leather couches, even in the change rooms! So the missus can join you while you are fitting on your jeans and let you know there and then if its hot or not. All I was waiting for was the whisky and cigar! Great store, keep going to find bargains every now and then. African luxury it is and the quality is beyond great! And its African guys, what more could we ask for? There are branches all over the country.

Ultra comfortable stressed, dark blue jeans from Kingley Heath Eastgate and at a complete bargain too! :)

Next up is my all day, every day favourite store, Woolworths

I never fail to find great clothing that's good quality and value for money and entirely fashionable.

I recently pruchased these great pastel dress shirts in 100 % cotton. Just a mention on dress shirts guys, please find out your size and wear your proper size. There is nothing more unattractive than a guy with a dress shirt where the buttons are either straining against your beer boep or the shirt is so big it looks like it belongs to your dad. Please make sure shirts fit you properly. I'm sure a consultant at Woolies will be happy to help, or you can send me your clothing pics and I'll tell you where you are going wrong. I am, after all, here to help you guys.
Pastel Summer dress shirts from Woolworths.

Next up some casual accessories, also from Woolworths:

A burgundy and blue summer snood (like a scarf but not). Perfect for get togethers after dark when the evenings can still get a little chilly or even as an everyday accessory to give your outfit some oomph. Along with that a cap in blue check that just great for everyday wear whether your are on the beach or at a trendy restaurant. Very trendy. These items are worn with jeans and a T-shirt.

Summer snood worn around the neck as it lies in this picture with the check cap.

So that's it for now guys. Any questions, comments welcome. I will assist you with anything and everything a guy needs. From grooming and fashion to food.

Hope you enjoy the blog, let me know what you think.



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